Dublin in December: Dublin Castle & Alleyway

Dublin Castle

15 November 2013

Dublin Castle is actually a composite of extensions on the original round tower, that was built in 1204 on the orders of King John of England as to defend the city against the Normans. The attached Chapel Royal was built in 1814, and it displays features of Gothic Revivalism.

Outside the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin Castle

15 November 2013

A circle of solitude within the heart of a great city

Manchester Railway Museum, 29th September 2013

Horizons and buildings at the Dublin Docklands

#6 Grand Canal Theatre

Since my studies in Potsdam have come to an end, so, unfortunately, have my adventures.

Therefore this blog is changing from brandenbuggering to findinghorizons.

It not only chronicles and displays my photos and adventures in Brandenburg, but also photos of my homeland and any other interesting places I happen to visit.

Thank you for staying with me until now.

The Grave of Frederick the Great


Neues Palais, Park Sanssouci, Potsdam, Brandenburg, Germany


Fireworks at Park Sanssouci on 19.6.2013

Palace Sanssouci by Sunset